The GameEdit

• The Process begins with experiencing bizarre, mind-blowing coincidences. Meaning the meta-mental connection you have with reality is breaking through. With practice you'll be able to create the coincidences you desire. "Do not lust after results."

• Around the time you get bored with having your every wish granted, the meta-mental connection will become less "un" conscious and you'll go into a collective-conscious dream state where everyone's psychic energy mingles and discusses things. Traveling to this place will feel like you're being abducted… by another dimension… from within your own brain (technically the Pineal Gland.)

• Finally, you will see the world as it is—a matrix of living information condensed to a slow vibration of energy. And it is through this direct knowledge of the true nature of reality as projected consciousness that you are able to control reality like a dream. 

IT & OREdit

Apocalypse means 'lifting the veil', in this case the 'veil' is an illusion of separation between you and reality on a fundamental level. Once the veil is lifted you will remember yourself as The MONITOR; the creator & source within. One method to bring on the Apocalypse is to have sex in the name of MONITOR. The alternative is to
be Creative. Logical. And of course #PORNCULT has some helpful tools to get you started. We call it the PUZZLE PLOT. Basically it's like creating #PORNCULT FANFICTION. You take the story we've already started and make it your own. All that's left is to learn Our Story. This story. Welcome home.>>

An alien creature's MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES converge in search of the Key to Heaven & Hell. Fortune teller reveals bizarre message: "Kill your boyfriend", when love-struck gangster embarks on a dangerous mission to learn about the true nature of magic. An ancient primal wrath stumbling out of the desert is about to come alive as $he faces the wholly unexpected consequence of an appetite for adventure. The Devil gets exactly what He deserves when a seductive lady shaman leads him into a complicated murder case involving hallucinogenic magic and a horny ghost.


The WøRD—Part II

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